First of all, we thank you both from the very bottom of our hearts for handling our
reception and keeping it ROCKIN' all night long. Michelle and I were also
shocked that our own self-coordinated wedding went better than what we
expected. From the organization of the wedding through to the very last details,
from our grand entrance to the dancing, it went perfectly well. We made one of
our best wedding decisions by going with your company. We expected that you
would the deliver the best but you delivered the most outstanding service I have
ever seen in a wedding reception. We're lucky and we were right.
I would highly recommend your service to our families and friends for we have
all seen the DJ who isn't arrogant (some DJ's they take the attention away from
the newlyweds to put the attention on themselves....there's tons of them out
there), with a top notch system, one who is determined to do the best service,
organized, communicated, dressed to the occasion, and professional.
We thank you very much for making our wedding reception much, much more
enjoyable and memorable.

We'll see you again soon,

Hadji and Michelle Carreon
When the most important day of your life has to be perfect... We will make sure your day is unforgettable. From your
Grand Entrance to your Farewell Dance, your special day will be an elegant Fairy Tale. You can pay anyone to just
play music for your party...    Your wedding and reception is so much more important than that! We know how
important it is. Call now and book your all-inclusive "worry-free" package today.
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Bride & Groom kissing - Photo by: Caught in the Moment Photography
Photo by: Caught in the Moment Photography
FOR BOOKING CALL: 530-941-3623
FOR BOOKING CALL: 530-941-3623
FOR BOOKING CALL: 530-941-3623
FOR BOOKING CALL: 530-941-3623