Encore DJ Equipment
uses the best
equipment and
our sound speaks
for itself.

Our QSC K-12
Powered speakers
are quite simply
The New Standard
in lightweight
powered systems.

1000 watts of
crystal clear
sound is what we
provide for your
special event.

Larger Sound
system available
based on your
Encore plays from an all digital format meaning we don't use CD's or Vinyl records. That means high        
quality sound and no skipping when Uncle Bob bumps the system. We use quality mixing software to         
insure there is never "dead Air" or silence. This helps to make sure the energy level  remains up beat        
and fun. We always have 4 wireless microphones available and requests are always welcome.
When it comes to Entertainment....   Encore doesn't miss a beat!
FOR BOOKING CALL: 530-941-3623